New York City is often called  “Concrete Jungle” and for a good reason. This overbuilt and overpopulated urban garden, is home to the best and the worst real estate in the world. As an economic and cultural epicenter, it deserves all its praise and glory. Real Estate seeker here, deserves to find the very best, in a New York minute.

I am Armen Meschian, Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker at CORE, and the founder of




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  • •   Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker
  • •   Real Estate Board of New York (REBNY) Member
  • •   Foreign Languages: Armenian, Russian

Armen Meschian joined CORE as a Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker, bringing over fifteen years of real estate experience. His background in real estate services includes managing residential sales and marketing campaigns, commercial transactions, and construction/residential financing. Offering an assurance of reliability while also acting as a skilled negotiator and advocate on the behalf of his clients, he is credited with keeping a constant pulse on the evolving real estate market and shifting market conditions, allowing clients to have the most up-to-date information available to make a sound investment decision. His proficiency in managing a transaction from contract to closing, thorough due diligence, resourcefulness and ability to troubleshoot complex matters earns him repeat business from sellers, buyers and business owners alike, as he thrives on long-lasting relationships.
As a highly ranked finance professional during the early stages of his career, his work on over five hundred transactions within the mortgage industry provided a platform for him to seamlessly transition into real estate sales. He effortlessly navigates through complex financial statements and expertly qualifies the sustainability of each deal. For the past five years, he has successfully managed a vast number of residential and commercial exclusives, eventually earning him the title of Top Producer and a peer mentor.
Born into a family of architects and structural engineers, Armen developed a deep appreciation for quality architecture early on, especially after his move to New York City in 1989, where he was immediately struck by its abundance. Now a proud New York resident, he continues to explore the city’s history and rising future. During his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his wife and two children, traveling to Europe, discovering new eateries, playing tennis and indulging in the arts.



  • 20 Pine Street, #1115  – CONDO 

  • 225 Rector Place, #3K – CONDO 

  • 599 West End Avenue, #1B – COOP 

  • 99 John Street, #1406 – CONDO  99 John Deco Lofts 

  • 330 East 38th Street, #42P – CNDO  The Corinthian 

  • 160 West End Avenue, #28L – COOP 

  • 203 West 98th Street, #6E – COOP 

  • 39 East 29th Street, #9C – CONDO Twenty9th Park Madison

  • 265 Riverside Drive, #5F – COOP  

  • 66 West 84th St, #5D – COOP   

  • 167 West 71st St, #17 – COOP 

  • 160 Central Park South, 1726 – Essex House – HOTEL CONDO

  • 2628 Broadway, 5C – Ariel East – CONDO 

  • 265 Riverside Drive, 6B – CO-OP

  • 161 West 61st Street, 29FG – The Alfred – CONDO

  • 126 West 73rd Street, 5D – CO-OP

  • 160 West End Avenue, 5C – Lincoln Towers – CO-OP

  • 434 Hicks St, #3A – Cobble Hill Towers – CONDO 

  • 165 West End Avenue, 27C – Lincoln Towers – CO-OP

  • 20 West Street, 42B – Downtown Club – CONDO 

  • 377 Rector Place, 12D – Liberty House – CONDO

  • 68 Bradhurst Ave, 7E – The Langston – CONDO 

  • 353 East 72nd Street, 26D- The Fontain – CO-OP

  • 928 Broadway – COMMERCIAL

  • 535 5th Avenue – COMMERCIAL

  • 7 West 24th Street, #4F – RENTAL

  • 7 West 24th Street, #4R – RENTAL

  • 221 East 33rd Street – RENTAL

  • 1735 York Avenue – The Hamilton  – RENTAL

  • 55 West 26th Street- The Capitol  – RENTAL


Additional Closed Transaction History at

35-36 76th Street, #629, Jackson Heights November-2016
35-36 76th Street, #429, Jackson Heights November-2016
35-25 77th Street, #A65, Jackson Heights October-2016
76-12 35th Avenue, #5E, Jackson Heights October-2016
35-36 76th Street, #326, Jackson Heights October-2016
76-10 34th Avenue, #1T, Jackson Heights August-2016
35-21 79th Street, #6N, Jackson Heights July-2016
35-21 79th Street, #1A, Jackson Heights June-2016
35-45 81st Street, #F4, Jackson Heights May-2016
35-36 76th Street, #509, Jackson Heights April-2016
34-21 78th Street, #2B, Jackson Heights March – 2016
35-06 88th Street #1C, Jackson Heights January-20116
35-36 76th Street, #524, Jackson Heights September-2015
35-36 76th Street, #504, Jackson Heights August-2015
33-25 90th Street, #3C, Jackson Heights 25-August-2015
33-21 82nd Street, #52, Jackson Heights 24-August-2015
76-15 35th Avenue, #2L, Jackson Heights 16-August-2015
35-21 80th Street, #53, Jackson Heights 17-June-2015
78-10 34th Avenue, #3J, Jackson Heights 29-July-2015
35-45 79th Street, #5B, Jackson Heights 17-June-2015
77-02 34th Avenue, #B21, Jackson Heights 17-June-2015
35-21 79th Street, #3K, Jackson Heights 2-April-2015
35-55 78th Street, #1, Jackson Heights 20-February-2015
114-18 84th Avenue, Kew Gardens 10-February-2015
35-36 76th Street, #320, Jackson Heights 09-January-2015
35-45 79th Street, #6H, Jackson Heights 19-December-14
35-55 78th Street, #52, Jackson Heights 30-October-14
87-10 34th Avenue, #2B, Jackson Heights 09-July-14
33-35 81st Street, #6D, Jackson Heights 2014
35-21 79th Street, #1B, Jackson Heights 16-June-14
84-12 35th Avenue, #2B, Jackson Heights 20-May-14
35-36 76th Street, #429, Jackson Heights 16-April-14
37-30 73rd Street, #6E, Jackson Heights 10-April-14
35-16 85th St, #6F, Jackson Heights 03-Mar-14
76-12 35th Ave, #5E, Jackson Heights 30-Dec-13
35-33 80th St #43, Jackson Heights 18-Dec-13
35-15 84th St #4A, Jackson Heights 26-Nov-13
35-16 85th St #2H, Jackson Heights   16-Oct-13
35-05 72nd Street #3F, Jackson Heights 25-Sep-13
37-40 85th St. # 42 , Jackson Heights 16-Aug-13
35-36 76th St. Apt.# 322, Jackson Hgts   16-Jul-13
37-27 84th St. #31, Jackson Heights 01-Oct-13
35-36 76th St. Apt # 323, Jackson Heights 03-Jun-13
67-07 Yellowstone Blvd Apt. #4G, Forest Hills 16-May-13
77-12 35th Ave. #B67, Jackson Heights 26-Apr-13
35-36 76th St. Apt.#204, Jackson Heights 27-Feb-13
77-11 35th Ave. #5M, Jackson Heights 24-Jan-13
35-36 76th St. #629, Jackson Hgts 09-Nov-12
35-36 76th St. Apt# 321, Jackson Heights   23-May-12
35-36 76th St. Apt. 328, Jackson Heights 12-Sep-11
79-10 34th Ave. #2D, Jackson Heights 23-May-11
160 West End Ave. Apt.# 5C, New York 28-Mar-11